Vex v5 Brain upload images

this is kinda late but i was wondering if you could help me with image uploads. i got the converter to successfully make the c file but when i try to run the program it gives me the this compiler error :
error: expected primary expression before β€˜.’ token
.header.w = 200
this error is in the c file of the image

I’d place my money on 6 months but that’s just my growing cynicism of V5 related release dates.

It seems the c++ compiler pros uses is not happy with the C-style structure formatting the lvgl image utility generates.
Try to fix it yourself, there are two solutions.
Given a structure (look in the lvgl source files to find the actual one)

struct myStruct_t {
int one;
int two;
int three;

You can either format it like this:

myStruct_t myStruct {1, 2, 3};


myStruct_t myStruct; = 1;
myStruct.two = 2;
myStruct.three = 3;

You will have to read the source file for the lvgl structure to figure out how to convert the invalid syntax you currently have to a valid one.

thanks i will try this