VEX V5 CAD Library for Fusion 360

Does anyone know where I would be able to find the latest CAD library for VEX V5 that is compatible with Fusion 360? I have come across many of the old libraries, but was wondering if there was an up-to-date one that has things like the new red gears and new 4" anti-static omniwheels. I know that these CAD files are on the VEX website, but I wanted a library so that I don’t have to manually download and upload every part.

It would be nice if someone could share the libraries, maybe put it somewhere in Github for downloading. This is our first year doing VRC, and we want to follow the best practices of using Fusion 360 to design the Robot.


The one @RoboCatz linked is the most up to date Fusion 360 library as of now… even though it’s almost two years old. It does not have any of the VEX parts released since then, but you can just download and import those ones which isn’t too hard.

I don’t currently have plans to update the library right now, unless someone wants to step up and help work on it. I gave a (slightly) longer explanation here.