VEX v5 Clawbot Problem

Hello! Me and my team need help with our code for the arm on the VEX v5 Clawbot. Our teacher told us we needed a code that held the arm wherever it was when we pressed a button, but we currently don’t have a clue how to do that type of code. Can anyone give us some tips or the code that we should use?

Thank you for the help!

Hey there, and welcome to the forums!

You are probably looking for Motor.stop(hold)

However, I have one question… did your teacher seem to know what you were looking for, and was just encouraging you to find it? Or was the teacher clueless about what you needed, and just was like “go figure it out yourself”?

Thanks for the tip!

My teacher didn’t even know what to look for and like acted like he knew what to do.

Either way, let me know if the stop(hold) works!

Ah okay then. You may be out of luck then, having a teacher that understands the basics of programming is SUPER important. They don’t have to be a programming expert, but understanding the basics is part of what makes them qualified to teach you at all :grimacing: