Vex V5 Code Blocks

Its been a while since I’ve programmed and I forgot EVERYTHING. I was wondering if anyone could help me with the Drive Train on “Vex V5 Code Blocks”. Like maybe a picture of your commands because I don’t know how to program the drive train to make it even move during the competition (Driver’s Control). Just a little picture because I don’t know “text”, Thanks for the help!

I don’t use blocks, but I’m pretty sure there’s a block which is used to set motor velocity. I would assume you can use that and set the velocity to be equal to the value of the joystick.

In VEXcode V5 Blocks there are example programs in the file menu and tutorials via the Tutorials button that should cover this.


Also, the V5 Educator Certification Course walks through all of this:


is there a course for V5 code text or is it limited to only blocks?

The introductory course is for Blocks. There are more advanced courses, including for C++ and Python, on the development roadmap.