Vex V5 Competition Super Kit Thoughts

Here’s a link to the V5 Super kit:
What are your initial thoughts about this? After checking what will be included, I will say myself that this price is actually very affordable and should make you last the entire year, especially with 24 1x2x35 C-Channels, 12 1x3x35 C-Channels, 4 4" Omni-Wheels, 4 4" wheels, 8 of 12t, 36t, 60t, and 84t gears, nut retainers, every screw and screwdriver being the star-styled instead of the older style, and many many more.

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This is actually really good. We may have to take a look at this as we are starting our schools second team this year. I wonder what the price of all these parts individually are because initially this looks like a very good deal.

Hey, there’s 1x1x35 Aluminum angle! No need to cut C-Channel down the middle to get thinner pieces. I wonder if they will sell individually, or just in the kit.

Edit: Unless I didn’t know that they exist already. That is a possibility

You even forgot to mention its all Aluminum.

I have to agree it is very reasonable. Actually the parts you would want to start a new team and no stupid slots or chassis rails.

Good job VEX this is a really good kit. @DRow whoever designs these kits let them know I gave them a big thumbs up.

Yes, that looks like a very good kit, much better than the older kits. You might well want to buy a few sensors to add to it.

I couldn’t find it outside the kit. VEX Pro had it 72" long, though that’s discontinued anyway. (They also had 1x1x1x72 aluminum c channel.) But I can’t find it in VEX EDR. Hopefully soon.

That kit could definitely last a team an entire year. It even includes zip ties and elastics. Great bundle of parts, minus a couple things (cough tank tracks)

Man I remember at the EP summit last year casually asking about aluminum in the super kits. This actually makes me happy to see it happen.

This kit actually works out well though.

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I guess I’ll redo my budget now, but this allows me to buy 3 super kits for my teams, and then I can have backup V5 equipment.

Bravo, VEX. I really like this.

Until they do, you can still buy 1x1 angles professionally cut from from c-channel at if you don’t want to hack-job cut them yourselves.

Same! This looks awesome.