Vex V5 Controller is red and shows a logo telling us to plug it into the brain

I opened a new set today. I then followed the directions until step 5. When I plugged in the v5 controller, it just turned red and started showing the connect to brain logo. Please help solve this issue.
On the controller picture inside the controller, it shows a picture with an arrow pointing down. There is a wire shown connected to the controller.

OThe V5 brain has an OS version that’s more relivant than the OS on the controller. Get a V5 wire and connect one end to any port on the controller and the other end on any port(any non-blown port of course or nothing will happen :wink:) on the Brain. This will automatically update the controller, but if not there should be a popup for the brain that asks if you would like to update the controller.

Is the other end of the wire connected to a motor port of the V5 Brain? Are you pressing “OK” if a menu pops up that it will update the controller?

it doesn’t give me any option to do anything

the first time when i connected it, i pushed OK