VEX V5 Controller Screen Info

I was going to program the Controller to provide information about its commands during autonomous i.e.: Driving Forward amount Degrees at speed Velocity. I planned to output this line on the first row of the VEX V5 Controller. After programming everything, I remembered that the controller only fit a certain amount of characters in a row and wanted to find out what that number is. Another question I have is that if the Controller outputs a sentence longer than the character limit of the row, would the controller automatically move to the second row or do I really have to go back in my program and solve the issue manually?
Example code:
con.screen.print_(‘Driving Forward {} Degrees at {}% Velocity.’ .format(x, y))
Code in RMS using Python.

I don’t believe the controller text is monospaced, meaning that the number of characters that fit is variable. You will have to measure for yourself.

Any overflowing text is truncated (trimmed).

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