Vex v5 Flywheel help

Good Morning fellow forum goers, I am the lead programmer from the vex team 200X, and i was wondering if anyone could help us with our flywheel during autonomous. for autonomous i am trying to get the flywheel to shoot a ball with using time because of the inaccuracies it creates, so i tried using the Motor.velocity(); function in vex coding studio, but this did not work, because i told the intake to wait until the flywheel is ramped up to 80% power then shoot, this works but however takes way too long to ramp up (more than 15 seconds) and when i set the intake to wait until the flywheel is spinning at 79% power it shoots instantly. another thing i tried was to display the velocity of the motor to the controller for debugging purposes, and it always displayed 0, to make sure i was calling the right motor, i powered the motor with the same name and the flywheel worked, but still did not display the velocity of the flywheel. any help is appreciated thanks -Farees| 200X | LeadProgrammer PS:(Screenshot of the code thats not working)

I can’t see your screenshot, but when you set to show the value on the screen, was that code in a while loop? I ask because I tried a similar debugging process for something else and never got it to update unless inside of a while loop.