[VEX V5] How can I add soft start feature?

We are a new team that has the competition this Saturday(1/8).
It is hard to control the movement of drivetrain smoothly with joystick.
I want to add Soft-start feature when starting the robot driving.
Is that possible? how?

what is your code right now?

We are using default drivetrain code that VEX are providing.
It looks that drivetrain code is creating when I make a new v5blocks.
Can I see the default code and change some code? how?

Can you show your code?

We just finished a new robot build and are testing it with default code.
I do want to see default code.

Just use block to code, its very simple and wont take to much time. The default code is default code, to customize anything Im pretty sure you have to use your own program.

This is worthwhile and encouraged


Thank you for your comments, it looks take a time to customize the code . Competition is this Saturday. So we decided to add the autonomous mode code first in default code.