Vex V5 Material

Hello, I wonder if theres a c channel that is small enough to fit inside another c channel to increase stability of the elevation arm.

Screen Shot 2021-06-05 at 8.15.21 pm


The closest thing to this would be c channel couplings, however alternatively you just could place the c channels inside of each other and file out the holes to align so that you can produce the same effect with two normal c channels in a boxed form.


is a c channel coupling smaller than the normal c- channel?

It is larger than the normal c channels so it would go outside

actually, the c-channel couple is more narrow and slips inside:


Whoops my bad i have never used them before shouldn’t have been answering off a few year old memory alone apparently

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This is one of the things that I wish VEX would sell in longer lengths. I think lots of teams are looking for ways to do box in longer lengths of C channel. I’ll invoke @Art_Dutra_IV maybe he can snag a few hundred lengths before they get cut.


+1 to c channel couplers, they’d do exactly what you want in this application, and using them to box a small area of c channel where a joint occurs is one of the best uses for these parts.