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Competition in my region only allows registration of 4 members per team. I want to know that if we win our contest and get selected to go to VEX Robotics World Championship, can our team add members?

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You are able to add members for Worlds, with restrictions. For example, you can not have a new designer that was competing on another team, or a builder that built a robot for another team, or a programmer that programmed another team… there are limited circumstances in which exception may be made. You best have your coach contact your RECF Team Engagement Manager to check it out.

Read the Game Manual and specifically look at <G6> and <G6.b>

Having others providing support for your four person team is worth it as it will reduce the operational stress on the team.


That doesn’t seem right. There is no limit to the number of team members on a VRC team. The only limit is on the number of team members that can stand in the driver station for any given match which is 3.


It may be a local organization thing - I know this year I am limiting my middle school teams to four members. The intent is get more involvement from all members - you know MS, if they don’t have something to do, they are playing on phones, breaking things, etc.

Will see how it all works out end of season :slight_smile:


Is it four members per team, or four teams per organization? There is a limit for the amount of teams a specific organization can bring, I usually see around 4-6 in my region, but I haven’t heard of a competition limiting the amount of team members a team can have.


It’s four members per team.

You can see it in RobotEvents.

Please put link to RobotEvent you are referring to. Too many events for us to guess.


Probably an issue with space in the pits. When teams have 10 members at an event, it really creates a crowding issue.

I tried searching for your team that is on your profile, but I can’t find you in robot events or VEX Via whatsoever. Could you please link one of the events so I can see what you mean? Also, where are you seeing this on the competition’s robot events page?

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Correct me if I am wrong but after search for the team on the poster’s profile it seems like this is the event in question: Cyber Vikings - Spin Up - Nationals : Robot Events.

From what I can this event, as do many events, is only limiting the amount of team an organization can have, and it also states this in the event description. So I’ll just remind you that while an event can of course limit who comes into their venue teams usually only have to submit consent forms for their members rather than register each person individually to the event.


He is referring to this event.

“We are limiting the maximum number of teams to 4 per school, schools that have more than 4 teams will need to hold internal scrimamges to decide what teams attend the VRC Scrimmage and VRC Nationals.”


Cyber Vikings - Spin Up - Nationals : Robot Events

As has been previously posted, the limit is four teams per organization, not four students per team. Many organizations and schools have multiple robotics teams, if you look at some of the team lists, you’ll see a number followed by a letter…the letters are the different teams within the organization.


As others have mentioned, the limit is on number of teams registered from one organization, not number of members per team.


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