Vex v5 motor not working

Recently came across a motor that stoped working. It was a red motor which was very overkill as it was holding a mogo up for the 2021-2022 tipping point season and it wasn’t even holding the weight of the mogo it was just holding it in place. when plugged in it still has a red light but when i go to move it, it just makes a humming sound and does not move. tried a different cable different port on the brain and it still has the problem and i can use a different red motor and it works using the same port and cable as before so I don’t know why it is not working. would anyone know why. i haven’t looked opened it and looked if it is a physical problem yet. And yes I know I can just return it and vex will replace it for free for me but still wondering why it is doing that? Anythoughts.

is the motor seized up? can you manually turn it? if so, you might be able to un-seize it by manually turning it very hard. (I cannot comment on how this might effect the motor, all I know is that I’ve seen motor seize and get fixed with this method)

if not, a dead motor with the whining sound is a typical indicator of the motor being completely and irreversibly deceased.

No, the motor is not seized up. As I could spin it manually. It is just that the brain won’t spin it even if i take the cartridge out it isn’t spinning it is just making a humming noise. And it was very easy for me to spin. So I’m gonna guess that it is gone then. Lucky vex has a good return policy. thanks for the help. also is it that common for a v5 motor to die and still have the light show up. Because all of the other broken v5 motors we have the red light won’t show up on the motor and we used to just plug it in and see if it had a red light or not to tell if it is dead or not.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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Did the motor overheat?

Also maybe the wire wasn’t working

The red motor is bvery high tork and not fast and you problem want for motors or six to move a robot but it is for a thing to hold a mobbile goal you should have two of them or one that is not high tork. High tork is good if their also another regaur motor.

The motor is broken you can not fix it you have to buy another one.