Vex V5 Part 276-6010-011

What is part number 276-6010-011 at the top of the pic below? 16058804682285596515496347797151

Bought a classroom super kit. Want to build the clawbot but this part is not in the box? And I have no idea what it is called?

Although the part numbers are different, that part looks like a 12 tooth Metal Gear.
You can find them here (it’s the sixth image).


I think it’s the 12 tooth metal gear inside of the claw

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it is, but they’re now sold separately as well because drow is epic


Aaah. That makes sense

Definitely not supplied with my kit. Supposed to be supplied as part of the claw kit. A bit dissapointing since it will be the second time that we have to go back due to missing parts.

are you sure it isn’t inside the claw already? l’m not sure if the claw comes pre-assembled or not. if it does, it should be inside the claw.


Jip. Pretty sure it is not there. ! Should be visible as per below. But it’s not in the box. 20201120_171234|375x500

that’s unfortunate. I’m sure if you contact customer support you’ll be able to resolve the issue.


Happy cake day @Xenon27!!!


I am sure they will. Will have time to go to the shop on tuesday