Vex V5 Pong

I got kinda bored outside of the lab so I programmed Pong out of the standard c++ and Vex Robot libraries. I am also currently working on Breakout and some other games :slight_smile:

Have you been following the other games people have got working?

@tabor473 One of my friends told me about how someone ported doom over, but other than that, I haven’t really looked around much.

is this on two controllers or one and can you send the code for the pong game because i really wanna try it.


Can you make the inputs a pair of optical shaft encoders with wheels through them so they have to spin the wheel to move the paddle?

Potentiometers would be easier to code. And mote accurate to the ATARI feel, becasue I take it that’s what you’re going for.

Probably worth reading through this thread

Includes 2 other implementations of Pong, Doom and a full Gameboy advanced emulator to play any GBA game.