Vex V5 Power Button/Back Button Not Functional

My groups V5 controller power/back button doesn’t work. The only way to turn on the controller is to plugging it into a power source like a computer or the brain, and we turn it off be resetting it. It has the latest firmware, and everything else works. We are unable to go back to the last screen after doing the autonomous, and we have a competition next week. If anyone knows a solution, I would be very great full.

There is a hole on the back of the V5 controller. take a paper clip or something and stick in there to push a tiny button. this is a reset button. this usually helps

this makes me think the issue isn’t software, but mechanical.

technically you don’t need the power button to have a functional controller

not sure what this means, you should have to change programs for your autonomous if you’re using the competition template.

but realistically you’ll want to get a new controller. you could try to fix it, perhaps the button is misaligned or something inside the controller, but by tinkering inside the controller you could possibly void warranties or damage it further. try calling vex to see if you can get a replacement.

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Thank you, this was very helpful.