Vex V5 PowerPoint Introductory Overview

Hi. I am new to Vex and looking for presentation material (PowerPoint) for teachers that speaks to the Vex architecture (V5 in my case) from an introductory perspective. Meaning, what the brain is, what the brain does, what the motors are, what the motors do, what sensors are, what sensors do, etc. I can create this myself but did not want to start re-inventing the wheel before asking the forum. This would be for a new group of young robotics class and would be looking to use this as the introduction to the technology before they start building. Thanks.


Welcome to the forum. The V5 overview site ( used to be more than links to buy parts, but thats all it is now. The part details do have useful information you might put on your own PPT slides.

If you look in vex educational support ( there are many lessons in multiple formats, including PPT. You might be able to use some of that content to build your own presentation.


Thank you Doug. This helps a lot!

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