VEX V5 Robot Scoring with Vision Sensor

This YouTube video shows a robot built using V5 and “classic” EDR parts, and programmed with Robot Mesh Studio for V5, release 1.0. This particular program was written in Blockly, but we have also written the same program in both Python and C++. Watch for more news on Robot Mesh Studio later this week.

This robot was built and programmed by Jake and Preston in Robot Mesh’s VEX V5 Programming and Robot Construction Course for teachers. Emily and David finished their project first, but we didn’t get video of their successful test. :slight_smile:

Here is a link to the programming project. Click the “Generated Code” tab to see the Python code that Robot Mesh Studio downloaded to the robot. It’s a fully autonomous program that:

  1. Looks for a green ball
  2. Advances to the ball
  3. Picks it up
  4. Starts scanning for a red vision target
  5. Drives towards the target
  6. At the right distance, raises its arm
  7. Drives up to the bin
  8. Scores ball in bin

There is no reason it could not then repeat this operation, but that’s the next challenge.

That’s really incredible! Thank you for this resource!

Great stuff.

Just one question - how is the response time of the vision sensor?

It gives you a new frame every 20 milliseconds.

We haven’t tested the end-to-end (input photon to output data) latency, but I wouldn’t expect it to be terribly large.

thanks. And it sounds good enough to use it during match :slight_smile:

The v5 architecture page says 200ms, is that a typo?

The vision sensor seems really responsive. We’ve written some test programs for VCS that track and collect the balls with an intake roller. We are still having issues getting it to “remember” signatures at the moment but on the whole, I a confident that it is going to be really useful in competition.

We saw similar problems with the vision sensor “forgetting” signatures, but with the latest firmware release, it seems to have either gone away or gotten better. Our classroom this week has six teams of teachers building robots and programming with Robot Mesh Studio and we haven’t had any disappearing signatures.

Rick, do you mean vexos release ? or vision sensors with production firmware ?

Yes. The arch page also says 50FPS, which lines up with 20ms per frame.

Interesting. We are on the latest VEXos but still have the issue.