VEX V5 Robotic Arm

Someone could make the construction of this robotic arm available, I am thinking of doing this construction.

Thank you for your attention!

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-24 at 15.46.17


Where did you find this picture? That might be a good start.

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This image was published by VEX robotics social media, I got in touch but I didn’t get any answers, so I believe that here in the community someone can have a solution for this structure.

Sadly there are no instructions available for this design. Hopefully, though, you can build most of what’s shown in the image; it doesn’t look too complicated. Good luck!

Not sure this is practical for anything competitive, but that would be a great side project. Maybe I’ll CAD it in my free time (which I have plenty of lately).


Very good, thanks for listening! :+1: @mvas
Well, I’m thinking and creating a class with this robotic arm, but I don’t have any structure for that, if you develop the CAD of these constructions, share it here !!

Thank you! :robot:


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