Vex V5 Sensors working weirdly

Hi all! I got a question about the Vex V5 sensors. So the sensor that my team is using for our robot is acting funny. When we calibrate the sensor it works normally, it detects the color range that we have inputted. But, when we upload it to the brain it sees/detects nothing. Any help, tips, questions? Thanks!

which sensor ?
there’s not enough detail here to help you.


Likely the optical sensor

Yes, it detects the color range that you provide it. I’m not very sure what the name is.

ok, well, the only V5 sensor that directly detects color is the new optical sensor. But you mentioned calibration, so perhaps you meant the vision sensor which can be used to detect colored objects and would need to be setup using the vision sensor utility.

perhaps you can clarify and post some of the code you are trying to use.