Vex V5 - Software Allowance

We are being told that VexCode is the ONLY coding software allowed for Vex V5. Is this correct???

My team has ALWAYS used RobotC in IQ. Is RobotC allowed/compatible for use in V5???

There are options, but ROBOTC is not one of them.

Look at the bottom of the page for the other V5 options.


vexcode is not the only legal software. you can use any coding environment you chose.

however, robotc is not compatible for v5 so you couldn’t use that. your main options for v5 is vexcode, pros, or robotmesh.


Also, who has been telling you that? If it’s someone you’re going to rely on for advice, they may be indicating that they don’t have time to develop familiarity with the other systems.

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It was our team coordinator at the high school, who has gas lighted the returning teams into thinking this.

Not a fan that we are losing RobotC. Any suggestions on tutorials for VexCode?

I would say it was comfortable enough for me to just drop into from living in gcc that I don’t feel like I’m placed to recommend a starting point per se, but I did get some handy orientation from here: Superquest VEXcode - Mr. Smith's Classes : West Salem High School Computer Science, Engineering and Robotics
Oh hey, also, read everything @jpearman has ever posted about vexcode - he shares generously and clearly.


To be clear, there is no restriction on the software used to program the v5 brain. Community members have even developed their own home-brewed software for v5 development. The only technical restrictions are that the firmware on vex electronics cannot be altered in any way, and that user code must respond to the competition control (which is impossible to circumvent without modifying the firmware anyways).