Vex v5 startup problems

I am trying to restart the transmitter and processor. I’m following the setups as detailed in the inventors guide but no results trying to activate the motors. Batt and prom lights come on. Neither R1 or R2 lightup. What am I doing wrong?

Some things here don’t line up. V5 is the new system. The inventor’s guide was for the PIC system. R1 or R2 were for PIC as well. It sounds like you have a problem with the VEX PIC microcontroller, not V5.

@Foster might be able to help here.

Probably means V0.5, the old (very old) pic


Yea that’s what I was getting at.

My bad. It is the Pic system. Any way to diagnose my problem? What else can I try?

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How do I trouble shoot this simple plug and play system?

Send a picture of your setup.

You have the yellow receiver plugged in with a crystal?
Transmitter is on with matching crystal
You have the basic firmware .bin file and the default program.hex file loaded?

I’m having trouble pasting a picture from my iPad. My system is the one with crystals that say 61. It is the one with the yellow transmitter. I don’t have a Microsoft computer to look at the files. Last time I used the vex it worked good. It’s been on the shelf for sometime. I’m wondering if I did something wrong going thru the configuration sequence. As I go thru the config sequence I see all my selections flashing. On the silver box the batt power and prom lights are on. But when moving the joy sticks I don’t see any activity on Rx status and of course the motors don’t turn. The “Basic Stamp” people did a very nice job of publishing tutorials on their system and sensors. I have found a dvd for vex pic teaching curriculum but I don’t want to buy it. Any other online source I can use to educate myself without bogging down the forum with endless questions? My goal is to use the vex as a dumb remote control of a couple of motors only. Eventually I want to incorporate a raspberry pi for higher functions.

Just to verify, there is the flat crystal plugged into the yello receiver and that number matched the L shaped on in the joysticks.

Radio receiver is plugged into th R1 slot on the Pic

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Yes on the crystals. BTW here is a link to curriculum but they no longer offer it. Where can I get a copy from a teacher? I’ll look around for a MS computer. What can I do in the mean time?

Going to need one to get the code onboard. Maybe a cheap refurb, check you local second hand pic place.

Will do on the MS machine. How can I reach out to a teacher that might have that old dvd curriculum.

Good luck on the DVD’s I have the loader and files here, they along with RobotC are on their website. I’d suggest getting the hardware working first and they working on lessons. Teaching on dead plastic isn’t fun.

Thanks, I’ll get back as soon as I Line up an MS machine!


Nice. Now take the thin orange cord or a coiled phone cord and go from the partner port on the back of the transmitter to the R1 jack on the PIC. This bypasses all the radio stuff. Do you see the RX lights flicker?

If not then it’s code time.

Thanks again. I will try it.

I used the yellow cable. No responses. I’ll have to find a MS machine. Btw how low of voltage will the remote work on?

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