VEX V5 Superkits

unopened Vex V5 super kits.
We ordered months back but it just arrived and no long needed. Anyone interested, if you are in Orange County, California, you can pick up in person.

please DM me with offers.

Per forum rules, I’ve edited the OP to remove contact information.


Hi @Carly, My team is interested to get one, and I live near Orange County, but I can’t directly message you. Cheers!

deleted as I am not supposed to provide contacts here

Sorry about that, I didnt know. So how we can exchange parts?

@Carly @CoachRamos you should both have direct message capability now.


Hi Carly, are you interested in selling a few parts? I am looking for electronics - brain, battery, and smart motor. Let me know, thanks!

Sorry. It is a whole kit that we didn’t open. We are selling it as a whole only.

Hijacking the thread. I also have one. Contact me with interest.

Make sure people DM you… and when your kit is claimed to edit your post that it is taken. Hopefully we won’t see a post three years from know to check if it is available or not :slight_smile:
Common sense :slight_smile: