VEX V5 Team Tool Storage

I’m working on a solution for making sure my teams keep track of their tools–each one has a home. I designed this 3D printed Tool Caddy. The print file is available for free on the printables website at


Nice and compact solution!

I really like that! We use drawers for our tools, and then we just got shelves for all our parts. We were very unorganized before that, and it was taking most of our time to find parts we needed, so we decided to get organized.

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I have a dishwasher silverware holder that has a handle that I like. It makes it portable. I put card stock in the bottom to keep the T handles from dropping through.

I also picked up some Chopstick holders from Temu for $3 each that also work pretty well.


Love this design!
We use a linear slide channel for our screwdrivers.

Wow, this actually sounds like a good idea. I might try this out.

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