VEX V5 Text Delete Application

Hey guys, i downloaded the old version of vex v5 text editor and i want to update it, but in order to do that i need the .msi file. i can’t find it in my pc and i ve looked everywhere and done deep searches. Is there anyway i can like completely delete it from my computer and install the new version?

response on this is much appriciated.

Thanks in advance.

Delete VEXcode? I would assume that you could just download the new version here. (I have two versions of VEXcode installed onto my computer, because why not).

Otherwise, if your on Windows, you can go to settings, find Apps > Apps & Features (or you can search up ‘programs’ in the windows search bar). And find the version of VEXcode you want to uninstall. Then download the new version.


yeah but it asks for an .msi for it to uninstall. I can’t find that msi for it to locate.

Just try installing the new version without uninstalling the old one.

If that doesn’t work. There are MSI cleanup tools, which can zap any corrupt applications. You then have to reinstall with the same version of VEXcode, then you can uninstall to clean up any leftover files.

Then you can process to install the new version.


aight ill try the msi clean up tools cause i tried what you said already and it still needed the msi so ill try that.

Do it at your own risk. I would personally get someone with IT experience to look at it in person. Such as School IT. Incase anything else corrupts.

oh ok, i downloaded the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility so imma see what happens.

duude thx sm. i didn’t realize that the file was corrupt. i was able to fix this thx

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Awesome! Good to see it could be fixed.

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awesome … i also encounter the same issue, thanks op , you ask the same the question for me… ::smiley: