VEX V5 Text - Red Underline & Highlighted Errors

So for what I assume, some users who are installing VEX V5 Text on school computers with security are running into a problem where VEX V5 Text can not retrieve information from the vex.h file. Problem is displayed as a red underline and highlight. Error occurs on all projects created in VEX V5 Text as well as the example projects that come pre installed. Technically everything runs as it should, builds and will download to a brain and work properly. VEX V5 Text just lists it under the problems tab in the console.

Any luck on why some users are experiencing [clang] errors.

Do you have a computer you don’t use for school?
My disctrict only allows certain files, like .zip, .jpeg, you get the idea.

My bad this was a suggested topic thats why the reply is so late

This is not because of security because I had the same problem when saving the files online and then trying to open them.

So try to save to your hard drive on the laptop.