Vex V5 text

Hey guys,
I recently started coding in Vex V5 Text and was wondering how I can program the controller to move the motors. I am new to vex commands and some help would be really appreciated

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VEX maintains website where, among other things, you can find sample code for various drivetrain types:

For example, tank drive control code could be found here:

Additional examples and educational materials could be found here:


Hey also does anyone know how to compile the code and export it into the brain?

There should be a button to do that at the top of the screen, it was top right if I remember but I’m not sure

First, you need to make sure you get the latest version of the VEXCode, which comes with built-in examples and tutorials:

Then you may want to browse through the Getting Started category on

The article you are looking for is:

If you prefer videos, vex has some video tutorials for VEXCode:

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