Vex V5 vision sensor help

I’m working on a big project and part of it is using the vision sensor. But i’v never used it and have no idea on what it looks like in code. I want it to be able to read/take a picture and have it move toward the largest object. Is there a way to set coordinates so your robot knows where it is at all times so you can refer back to a certain point? Please like this post if you’d like to hear the full project and see the code when it is done.

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I am working on something similar, and have had a few issues, but I can tell you what I know. Firstly, the vision sensor uses signatures, or colour id’s such as exact colour, size, position, origin, etc, to identify specific objects. So for my code this year, I am trying to make the robot align itself on the goal, using the x-centre of the goal as the robot sees it. It looks for the object’s signature in its field of view, and looks for the largest object of that sig. It then converts the object’s x-position from degrees to pixels, and is meant to turn to the right angle, but it never does. hope this helped, and do post your code if you write any.

This can be done by taking a snapshot and looking at the x coordinate of the largest object and adjusting you drive power to turn to it.

For this you may want to look into odometry