Vex V5 X-Drive

Hello. Me and my team have recently created a X-Drive robot. We are going to use it as the new base for our new Vex Change Up Robot. We were able to create the X-Drive robot but not able to program it. We made it go forward and backward but we just cant figure out how to program sideways.

If anyone is able to help we are trying to use V5 block coding to program and would like the drive be on one to, two Joysticks on a V5 controller. As seen in the video is what we hope someone could lead us to.

I believe that sideways is the same as forwards and backwards, but you are moving different motors. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Yeah that’s basically how it works. 20210120_200714
You would have to create a modified arcade drive.


Maybe this link will help because mecanum and x-drive code is the same… Mecanum Drive Coding on VEXCode Blocks


Yep, the principles that apply to coding a mecanum drive also apply to X Drive.

X-Drives and mecanum drives are actually under the category of holonomic base. If you get stuck again holonomic is more commonly used in videos about them, so that should show some more things too!

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Thank you guys for all your help!