Vex Velocity Graphing RobotC

So i am testing the new flywheel and a lot of the teams are graphing the RPM on a graph on some software?
Does anybody have ideas how to graph it? Which port to write it out?
Any links/resources?

Robotc doesn’t have any graphing software built in. I have had to write my velocities to the debug stream and then graph them in excel.

ROBOTC can’t graph the data, but we have added in a new set of functionality in the form of our Datalogging features that can help with this. You can check out the datalogging functions in the latest version of ROBOTC 4.52, and can find the updated command listing in the ROBOTC help documentation (linked below).

To save the data, you’ll need to first write the desired data to the datalog, then open the Datalog options in the Program Debug window. Once the desired data has been collected, you can then click the ‘Save Data Log’ button to save the values to a CSV file.

You can also use the new Datalog Debug window to show the datalog values in real time (same as the debugging options for motors, sensors, variables, etc; see attached images).

Updated ROBOTC Datalogging debug documentation:

Sample Code:

		// Start a group of datalog values

		// Add the value 27 to datalog series 0
		datalogAddValue(0, 27);
		// Add the value 29 to datalog series 0
		datalogAddValue(0, 29);

		// End a group of datalog values