VEX via ap for iPhone not working!

I was competing at the CREATE US Open in Iowa this week with 187 robots. Those of us (myself include) who already have the vex via app for iphone on our phones had no trouble using it (refreshing data,etc) but those people who tried to download the app at the event for the first time, found that when they opened the app they were not able to get updates to matches, results, etc. There were a lot of frustrated students, mentors, spectators, parents etc. Please fix this ASAP before worlds or the reputation of this very helpful and wonderful app will go in the toilet!

We started receiving reports on Wednesday from the US Open of people having issues with the iOS version of VEX via. The issue was traced to a breaking change that Apple introduced in iOS 8.2 (the app works fine on previous versions of iOS, and 8.2 was not even out the last time VEX via was released). Unfortunately there is no workaround other than building and releasing a new version of VEX via to address Apple’s change. A new build was created and submitted to Apple and requested an expedited review (which there is no guarantee that they will grant) and explained the need to have the app at the World Championship next week. Beyond that it is out of our control and entirely in Apple’s hands. At this point we’re hoping Apple makes it available for the World Championship.

The inability to release a critical bug fix in our app without the approval of Apple is a major issue in the “walled garden” approach that Apple uses, and unfortunately it hurts their users in cases like this. If a similar bug was found in the Android version, all users would already be updated and this would be a non-issue.

We apologize for the inconvenience and assure you we are doing everything possible on our end to restore full service for all iOS users of VEX via.

I’ve just gotten word from our development team that Apple has approved the new build that addresses issue with iOS 8.2! So all will be good with VEX via next week at VEX Worlds!