Vex Via Export

Is there a way to export the new match data in VexVia? It doesn’t look like that detailed information is loading to RobotEvents.

It’s not very clear what you are trying to ask. Please clarify.

I am going to take a guess and say you are asking for a way to get all the information from VEX VIA into a format to be used such as a CSV/ API. Unless DWAB has something new, no you can not.

Correct. There is now match info, such as “high flags toggled, low flags, caps, etc”. More than W/L and points that are on Robot Events. Is there a way to get that granular match data into some useable format (csv would be fine)?

Nathan Allen created a website VEXDB.IO it is a better start. RECF did talk about an API, I do not know how that is going along anymore now that I am gone.