Vex Via Issue With Event Dates

I’m not exactly sure who to notify about this issue, but I’ve encountered a problem with the vex via app when I was attempting to find events.

It appears that every event of the tipping point season has its date set to January 1st in the year 1, which as you should all know, was a long time ago.

In order to actually find tipping point events, you have to either search for them, or find them in the page of a team, because their incorrect date has them at the very bottom of any list.

Not sure if this issue is isolated to ios or not, but it seems worth fixing.


It’s not just iOS. Android has it too


Thanks for calling attention to this, we’ll look into it and see what’s going on.


We’ve partially resolved this issue. RobotEvents apparently changed the date format they used in the API which caused the date parsing on our side to fail, and we’ve now adjusted to their new format.

However, we normally only populate out the next few weeks’ worth of events in VEX via, and the invalid dates caused events further out than that to be published. The fixed code has now gone back to ignoring those events since they’re further out, but that means those events are still showing in via with the invalid date. We need to figure out some other way to deal with that side effect.


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