VEX VIA Malfunction?


I recently downloaded VEX VIA and there were certain teams that weren’t there including mine. Is there something you need to do to make sure your team is there, or is that just a bug?

I was just about to ask if it is just me or the supposedly auto-update feature is not updating?

I think that is just a bug that they are trying to sort out.

Can you clarify? What team numbers are missing? We’re not aware of any issues with VEX via at this time.

My team number, which is 20181X is missing, and all the 14 teams are also missing. These are a few of them.
EDIT: 6096: The Robo Rays are also missing.

Are you attending the World Championship? I don’t see your team number in any of the team lists we’ve been given for the event.

The new version of VEX via shows all the teams from any events it knows about. As it is new, the only events it is listing right now are the World Championship events. If you are not at Worlds, your teams will be listed once they are included in one of the events that VEX via knows about.

After Worlds is over we will start populating VEX via with all of next season’s events.

Sorry for any confusion.

Ok that makes sense. I unfortunately am not going to Worlds. Sorry for disturbing you. Thank you.

Sorry about that - I assume you’re using the iOS version and looking at the “All Teams” list. I see now how that’s confusing as you’d expect that to list all teams in VEX, not just all the teams in current events.

We’ll take this as a note to either try to list all teams in the future or make it more clear what that list includes. Thanks for your help.

@Dave Flowery The app (iOS) is much sleeker and I really like the search functions and having the favorite events and teams where you can find it. Look forward to seeing it action during Worlds. Hopefully, it won’t kill my data too much :slight_smile:

Does not appear to be updating match results :frowning:

Mine is not updating anything. It was showing two completed events but it was a version out of date so i uninstalled and redownloaded. Now it is showing no events. I have tried restarting the app, restarting the phone, and playing with filters. I am getting nothing.

The VEX Via system was having issues earlier. It works fine now (assuming you’re running the latest version)


What’s up with WPs on robotevents?

I’ll try and figure out where those numbers came from later today.

FYI I have much of this information because I’m doing VEX TM Operator.

Edit: DWAB has been informed and is looking into it.

Edit 2: The issue has been fixed.