Vex via not getting notifications

I’m at world’s right now. I favored it all my teams and enabled the notifications on an Android device. I’m just not getting the notifications. It’s been a while since we did worlds but before it was nice to get them because I do have a couple of teams here and it helps me keep track of where to go to watch the matches. Has anyone figured out how to get the notifications? I’m on an Android but my parents with an apple aren’t getting them either…


We’re looking into it.


It looks like things are working again, please let me know if you think otherwise.


Thank you I just got a notification for 10847c about 30 seconds ago. That was the first notification I’ve received.

Just got over more. Both were for scores, haven’t received the upcoming match notifications yet

I just got an upcoming match notification. Everything looks like it’s popping up now thank you so much!!!

I have an Android and it’s working fine for me. I’ve talked to a few people with Apple phones and they aren’t getting the notifications. I double checked on each of them to make sure that everything was turned on. Is there an additional setting in the IOS app that they need to switch?

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I’ve seen that too. They’re being sent because if you’re inside the app when they arrive you will get them on the screen. iOS doesn’t seem to be showing them if the app isn’t open though and I’m not sure why yet.