Vex Via question on OPR DPR CCWM

Is there some setting to have Vex Via calculate OPR DRP and CCWM?

Is it after a certain number of matches are played? We were hooked into live during the event.

You can see the event I was talking about now via the Knights High School Qualifier and it is now filled in. I could swear it was not filled in last weekend during the event. 44 teams in that event and six matches per team.

Also, can we have the event list in Vex Via sorted by event date or on the main screen? It is a wicked long list now making it tough to find your event.

A subscribe to your events might be nice too but possibly more difficult. That way set them up ahead of time and see them at the top of the list

I’ve found it takes at least 4 matches per team to be calculated. At every match I have followed it’s always been updated by Alliance selection.

What do they stand for?

OPR: Offensive Power Ranking
DPR: Defensive Power Ranking
CCWM: Calculated Contributed to Winning Margin

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