VEX Via VRC Scoring Meanings

As a brand new team to VRC this year, I’m putting together a “cheat sheet” for parents to know what scoring means in the Via App. I order to do this I need to understand what OPR, DPR, CCWM mean and how you get points in those categories. If these are in the Game Manual please point me in the right direction. I found WP, AP, SP so that’s no problem. Thanks in advance.

Here you go:

ps: in the future just search CCWM in the forum search function.


Thanks for that great information! Awesome explanations. I’m sure this will be WAY more than parents will understand but there will be some who are all over this :joy:.

I think the simple explanation for the parents is to say this is data that indicates a teams performance at the event either in offense or defensive play, and an overall metric for the team’s contribution to match play. Then if they want more - point them to this. For teams this is a good reference for scouting teams for eliminations.


Got to love FRC documents, page 8 you are knee deep into Matrix Algebra. :roll_eyes:


FYI in the VEX via app, there’s a help button (looks like a question mark) on the page that shows these statistics that gives a quick description of what they are.