Vex Via

I opened the Vex Via app on my phone after an event. I did some work with the data from that event. The next week after the
event I opened the app again to look at more items and our event data was gone. The data from the next weekend events had
been over written over our data. Is their a way to get back to our event data. When does the system overwrite previous data.

Hello djwallace,
At this time VEX via is primarily intended to show live results for ongoing events. Because of that, events are removed from the event list a few days after the event has completed, as you have discovered.

In order to access data from past events, you can visit the event’s page on and click on the Results tab. The result pages also include a .CSV download link which may be useful depending on what you’re trying to do with the data.

I hope this helps answer your question.