VEX Virtual Community Made Worlds 2020 Registration Form

Yes I will be announcing the time, but as the date may be pushed forward or back I cannot garuntee a time. But it will likely start at roughly 12:00-ish Central

Can you post the Roblox url please?

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Also what is your roblox account?

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I am wanting to start out fresh this time with all the things I have learned from the past. The game will eventually have an icon and game picture, but as of now my focus is on getting the place made and scripted :slight_smile:
My account name: mrfrogg1


Thanks man I will be there!

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When will we be able to see the product of this? I might make all my sister teams join and compete this day but we need to know

I cannot give anything official of the product of it, but all I know is that I am in the progress of making all the objects. When that’s all done, which is give or take 1-2 more days, then I can be able to script which will take 1.5-ish weeks hopefully.

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Ok, Thanks! Do you have a website maybe that you can use to help spread this news?

If you would like to spread the news, this forum’s topic post or the google form link would be perfect :slight_smile:

Ok, and how many teams have signed up?

So far 30 teams, estimated to be roughly 50-ish people. We will prevent submissions by the date or unless we reach 100 teams.

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I think its awsome that you are putting your time and effort into this. You are giving many people the opportunity to have the experience of worlds!

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Agreed! I think that this is a fun and really cool idea, if only we could meme this and make it all over the fourms

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Just want to comment, maybe you should host more than one tornament if we hit over 100 teams, like a divison 1 and 2 and then make the finalists of that compete.


I will code the game to feel like the real thing, in addition to driving the robot and scoring. If I have the time, and there is enough teams for that, then I will.

Also will there be separate ms and hs or just one big tournament?

I sent the friend request. Also are you by any chance going to be competing too?

You will need to private message me your username so I can add you.
I likely won’t be competing sadly, but I will be hosting it.

Will the tournament be divided ms hs or not

There will be no hs and ms divisions. Sorry, I didn’t see your post. For the future, could these questions be moved over to private message? Thank you :slight_smile: