Vex Virtual Tournament

For a backup plan Should We Begin Creating A virtual Tournament Software We need field, a game physics Engine ,Virtual Builder , Virtual Tournament manager and a Coding IDE , A lock Logging For the digital tournament so students have to be on The entire day for the team meetings .We would also would have to use a Virtual Tournament to record meetings and notebook dates and other various team things . Would this be possible.


I know one guy Is working on this

Wow, that was a lot to take in.

There has been nothing official from VEX about this, but I don’t think VEX will be doing any fully virtual competitions this year (like with a simulated field and virtual bots) just because of the impossible logistics of it all and the limitations of a digital environment.


a virtual competition doesn’t make much sense, it’s essentially just a video game at that point. doesn’t take any engineering skills or challenges.

also if you want to play around with a virtual field and robot, check out the xrc simulator.


For the record, the RECF has indicated in the first two days of the EP Summit that entirely virtual Skills events are a genuine possibility.

In this case, “virtual” means without a venue (i.e. over videoconferencing software). It does not involve simulation software of any sort.


My question for this is, a genuine possibility to coexist with competitions, or a genuine possibility to replace competitions


The intention is that virtual remote Skills-only events (I’m going to stop using the term “virtual” because it’s misleading) will coexist with in-person Skills-only events and in-person tournaments.

The extent to which they will coexist depends entirely on regional guidelines, what EPs in a region are comfortable with, etc.

So some regions may have nothing but remote Skills-only events. Other regions may have all in-person tournaments. Other regions may have a mix of the three.

The name of the game is flexibility.


Thank you for the clarification

As bad as it was then and now, Robot Arena 2 was pretty amazing when I was a kid. I had it and the first one, enjoyed both quite a bit. I bring this up because idk, robot simulator I guess.

Anyway here’s what the VEX contingency will look like: Teams do skills runs and submit via video. They probably won’t bother though and will likely just cancel everything. It is also possible that they allow schools to host regionals where COVID cases are under control but have no higher level matches, nothing that they host so they can’t be liable for any deaths.


This would be for pandemic Right now If it goes through and we go this route then it might be the solution until mass people events are allowed to happen with safety Procedures .When the pandemic disappears this program will be left to the discretion of the users of vex and Teams

In the Stain vrain valley school district . They have Decide that all after school programs teams Robotics And clubs Are not going to happen so the teams in Colorado Area will not be able to compete if that stays in effect. Which would suck For the seniors in high school Whom cannot join vex U in collage .

My state governor paused on reopening and all counties hasn’t made it through the last stage of “reopening.” I might pitch in an idea with my RSM to host qualifying matches with Xrc Simulation in a couple days, AND it will be a mixed of live skills (Not virtual, teams will be in video chat to show off skills the day before) and mixed of Qualifying matches played with Xrc. Not to mention Excellence and judging. My governor is extremely hesitant, so hesitant that he may not reopen schools for this Fall, maybe for a full year. I would make Xrc Simulator my last resort if my governor does not continue his “reopening” process by the first half of September. RECF is very clear about their event hosting deadline date.

I highly doubt RECF will accept scores from a simulation as official scores, no matter what the circumstances.

If you can’t do anything in-person, focus on hosting remote Skills-only events. Depending on exactly what the Competition Judging Committee ultimately decides, it may be possible to even offer judging as part of your remote Skills-only events.

With that said, an XRC tournament might make a fun scrimmage or side-component to a remote Skills-only event.


Plus with XRC teams really aren’t building their robot. Sure, they can pick from some designs, but they really aren’t using the iterative design process. But an XRC tournament would be a fun scrimmage or “friendly” between teams across the region/country.


Sorry, I am kind of behind on all of this. So, is VEX trying to make evrything virtual orrr just skills? And Yes I have read everything on this artcile

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VEX RECF is not trying to make anything virtual.

However, they do recognize the uncertainty of the worldwide situation, so they are providing the option of conducting Skills via videoconference. Tournaments and Skills can still be held in-person, and RECF has released some suggestions for how Event Partners can do so more safely.

See the Season Restart Guide.


What it sounds like is any team with access to a field and parts will be able to participate

So it will be with both Vex IQ and Vrc

and anyone with access to internet will be able to participate in world qualifying online challenges.

I thought the name of the game was tic-tac-toe Change Up…


Ohhhhh that makes sense