Vex Virtual Worlds for IQ, where is our new stuff?

I watched both telecasts, nice job. I was blown away by the V5 upgrades, can’t wait to hear more about the sensors and what’s in the AI co-processor.

But then in the VIQ session, it was a repeat of the V5 upgrades. Still blown away but hey, it’s not IQ. And then there wasn’t any new IQ features, parts, etc.

Anyone else not feeling the Worlds love with not getting new VIQ things? The new game element shape is cool, but …


I was looking for new parts for IQ as well.

I wanted to use the Vision sensor for Squared Away but it was illegal, so I’m going to check for the Rise Up parts to see if that changes.

The Illegal Parts is still 2019-2020, which still lists the same vision sensor as being illegal:

Hoping for a change for this year, because IMO, the auton that is possible with the color sensor and distance sensor alone due to the variance in response for sparse objects like in Squared Away and what appears to still be the case in Rise Up, we will have the same problem where a “tower” doesn’t register as a clear specific color easily, and distance to an object will be similarly spotty.

IMO, that reduces a lot of the auton at the IQ level to be more hardcoded variables for specific paths and less algorithmic—when trying to push the kids for more advanced repeatable “functions”. Last year we ended up with a lot of “guess and check” code where the kids would be changing distance numbers that were hard coded all over the place.

IMO, we end up with a very low bar for pushing the kids for more advanced learning of coding concepts.

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yeah, i was very sad when i saw that, i don’t know why they didn’t make a new appendix though. Maybe it is and they simply just messed up

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