VEX Virtual Worlds

Im trying to start Working and improving my programming skills in VEX Virtual Worlds but im having trouble actually running it. i guess im confused on the step by step how im suppose to do it.

Select the virtual world you want and then the robot in the motor and sensor config pop up. From there you can choose the ports and sensors for each robot.

There are a few big differences between the virtual world and real world. The physics engine is OK but not perfect by any means. Using it to learn and tune PID is not recommended. A small physical robot is much better for that.

But you can learn how to do tasks to control certain parts of the robot and make functions and structures just fine. We are using it in a class now to teach how to break up things in functions, manage variables better, and simple control loops.

It is really best for learning basic code and sensors + loops.

Thanks, I’m using it to help teach myself to program sensors and encoders more so I can use them more so next year

They will be big, especially for autonomous lifting.

yeah i think so, plus knowing how will help me be able to do so much more with my robot during competition