Vex Vision Sensor only working with particular computers

The vex vision sensor that our school has is having issues setting the colour signatures from the vision app thing. However, I tried it on several different computers, school computers (Which are probably not the best) as well as a 2017 Alienware laptop and a 2015-16. (I’m not sure) MSI gaming computer. However setting of the vision sensor only works on the Alienware. The only problem is is that I cannot use the Alienware and would like to find a fix on the MSI since I can use it.

The exact problem is that when I highlight an area to take the colour signature the “Set” button does not turn green and does not allow me to save the colour on that signature. I have clear the signatures and they are all clear however it still won’t set it.

I was able to find out what was going on, It was that the computers I had not downloaded the drivers required to set the signature.

me too

Okay, so I was able to figure this out, it might take quite a bit to get a good signature, also be careful on using computers that you are not a admin on. For example there are a few computers that the school we are with gave us, but for some reason it would not save signatures with them. However as soon as we swapped to one of my team member’s laptops and a little bit of patience we where able to get it to work.