Vex Vision Sensor only working with particular computers


The vex vision sensor that our school has is having issues setting the colour signatures from the vision app thing. However, I tried it on several different computers, school computers (Which are probably not the best) as well as a 2017 Alienware laptop and a 2015-16. (I’m not sure) MSI gaming computer. However setting of the vision sensor only works on the Alienware. The only problem is is that I cannot use the Alienware and would like to find a fix on the MSI since I can use it.

The exact problem is that when I highlight an area to take the colour signature the “Set” button does not turn green and does not allow me to save the colour on that signature. I have clear the signatures and they are all clear however it still won’t set it.



I was able to find out what was going on, It was that the computers I had not downloaded the drivers required to set the signature.



me too