VEX VORTEX 7580A Reveal - Starstruck

Hey guys, been a while but we’re adding to the world’s hype and reveals.

Robot Specs:
6-motor turbo drive on 4" wheels
4-motor 1:7 lift
Dual piston pneumatic claw

Vex Vortex Reveal 2017

Ask any questions here on on the comments and I’ll try to answer them.

Nice robot, good luck at worlds!

Great job.
That’s just an all around well made reveal.
I really like the style of it.
Nice robot, what’s your capacity?

We can hold 6-7 stars depending on the orientation or 2-3 stars and a cube maximum. It’s not some of the crazy high capacity claws I’ve seen in reveals but it’s very consistent and has strong grip force with the pnuematics.

Really nice! A lot more real than most reveals I’ve seen this season. Which division are you predicted to be in?

Thanks, I believe we are in research but I’m not 100% positive. I’ve just been waiting for the official postings since they should be up soon.

Edit: I just checked and it’s actually math according to Jordan’s predictions.