VEX VR competition

We have designed an independent virtual robotics competition that includes challenges with VEX VR.

I want to formally invite you to participate in ROBOJAM.

ROBOJAM will take place again on February 27th -28th 2021. In our first edition, last October 31st , we had 96 teams from 9 different countries: Colombia, México,Honduras, Spain,Chile, Canada, Argentina, Peru and Ecuador. For the next competition we are hoping we can have close to 120 teams from 15 different countries.

We have 3 challenges with Vex VR: Robosketch, Disk Drill and Colorynth. All the information regarding the competition, including registration fees and due dates, can be found in our web page

All the rules had already been translated to english in our website, so please feel free to ask me any questions.