Vex Vr Programing skills challenge broken?

I programmed my robot to hit the yellow dispenser board but it wouldn’t budge. I tried using the wheel on the robot to spin the purple dispenser and that did not work as well.

Can you send pictures or videos to show what you are talking about?

No matter how close I try to get it won’t unload the disks. If I add too much inches it will just make the robot fly away. Any help? @jpearman @DRow

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Share your project by using the feedback button (top right corner) and we can take a look to replicate the issue. Make sure to note this forum post in the message area. Thanks!


I changed my code, I will make a similar code in a few mins. Thanks!

I sent the feedback.

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Hey! I’m one of the Virtual Skills developers.

So I played with your program and some other ones I made. It seems to not trigger when the tip of the arm misses the green button on the yellow dispenser.

I was able to make a program that drove forward while moving the arm forward, and I was able to get the arm to phase through with out triggering the dispenser.

So we’ll look in to fixing this issue! Thanks!


Can we get an update on the issue?, also I think on robot events the vr skills leader board is not working.