VEX VR / VEX IQ Curriculum

I just stared teaching an 8th grade robotics class at my school. I have the students for 45 days. We are gonig to do about 1/2 the time with VEX IQ Kits and then 1/2 the time with VEX VR. I know the VEX website has awesome educational materials, but I was trying to look for some educators that have already maybe taught these two topics in a class already that wouldn’t mind sharing resources, handouts, tests, or activities that you have done.

Any information would be greatly appreciated

Thank you

I used thier materials for the tug of war . I did not add anything else . I only bought the engeneering note book which is not needed

Do you plan to teach in discrete 4.5-week sections, or mix and match IQ and VR? If the latter, you could have the students write simulation code on VEXVR to perform a task (draw a house, complete a maze, etc.) then design, build, and program a VEXIQ robot to perform that task IRL.

A friend and I created a Vex IQ club for our local middle school. What we found worked well is having them build the clawbot and hero bots as absolute beginners. Once that was finished, we made up a game of soccor with a low, medium, and high goal that had varying point values, and had a round-robin tournament on the last day of school. They would then be allowed to create any bot they like, whether it be premade or their own design. The students seemed to enjoy this a lot. I think the idea of a tournement excited them, and it ended up being a really great year for them.

This would obviously depend on how many parts you have, but I hope it can give you some ideas.

Good luck!