Vex VRC 2022 Middle School Lrt Competition disappeared?

Hi, we are the team who want to participate in the 2022 Lrt vex world VRC middle school competition. And in the website of the vex world, it said that teams who have been selected will be invited to the Remote VEX Worlds on March 29, 2022.

But for now, we can only find the Lrt world for the high school division, but the middle school division is disappeared.

And this is the original web address of the middle school world Lrt.
Robot Events

And by the way, the website of the high school Lrt is good.
This is the web address of the High school Lrt competition in world.
2022 Live Remote VEX Robotics World Championship – VEX Robotics Competition High School Event (LRT) : Robot Events

Since the deadline of registration is April 6, we are worried about whether we can register the world on time if we have the qualification to vex Lrt world. Since even if we cannot go to Dallas and attend the in-person world, we still want to compete with other people around the world, exchange our experience, and learn from each other.

Any idea about this is welcomed with my greeting.

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The MS teams will be playing up with the HS teams in the HS LRT worlds.

Check with your teacher or coach if they have received any email invites. If yes, then you should be able to register for the HS LRT worlds.


Hi, thanks to your reply anyway.
But, bro, what the point you mentioned out is also exactly what I am curious about.
I mean, if you go to check the team list of the high school Lrt, then you will find that all teams in the list are High School Grade. You cannot find even one middle school Lrt team inside there. And how does it possible if MS teams play with the HS teams.
2022 Live Remote VEX Robotics World Championship – VEX Robotics Competition High School Event (LRT) : Robot Events
If you are interested, you can go to the team list of this event and check the team one by one. You’ll find that they are all high school teams, and you cannot find even one middle school team. We have even met some of these teams in the past, and they are High school teams.
Is this because the website does not receive an update?
Thank you.

I have 2 MS teams playing up over there.

They are officially registered as MS teams.
I received an email explaining the situation to me and mentioned that in order for the MS teams to still enjoy the worlds experience, we were given to option to play up with the HS teams, which I accepted and registered my 2 MS teams under the HS LRT.

FYI - 8059D and E are our MS teams. They shared the same number as our HS teams that’s all.

You might really want to call up your RSM fast to find out the worlds status of your team.


Ok, thank you very much.
And, by the way, would you please share us the email address that contact to the vex world LRT ?
Is it Or maybe you have another one which is useful.
But anyway, thank you very much and you are so kind. :grinning:

I world really suggest that you contact your RSM.
The response will be quicker than writing in to RECF (it is a busy month for them).

Which region are you from?


I got it, I have already contact to RSM.
And we are coming from China. :grinning:

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To be honest, most of the teams who got world qualification, but in the end decide to attend the LRT world, should be the teams outside america. And therefore, we got many Asian teams. Therefore, if you find someone ask a Lrt problem in the forum, then 90% for sure he is coming from Asia. :laughing:
Yeah, anyway, good luck to your teams in LRT.

I know, but I still need to be sure to know where to direct to.