VEX VRC team needed for 8th and 6th Grader near Wilton CT

Hi, We need VEX VRC team for 8th and 6th Grader near Wilton CT who knows C++, Vex Code, CAD and Python. We are not able to find one. Please reach out if you are around Wilton CT and have a spot on your team. Thanks Rama

If you go to Robot Events map and select “VEX Robotics Competition”, “2021-2022,” and “Teams”, it will give you a map of all of the teams that were registered last year. Although it won’t give you any contact information. it will at least tell you what teams are in your area…


Hi, as I mentioned in our phone conversation, reach out to the Weston coach and Dan Troy the RECF Team Engagement Manager for our region. If you do not hear from either next week, ping me and I will get another person from CT who might be able to help. Right now with summer break a lot of people are off line. Dan might have been busy this week as they had the Event Partner and Coaches Summit and all day internal RECF meeting yesterday.


Thank you so much!! I am in touch with Dan, look forward to hear back from him next week.
I will keep you posted.

Thank you… tried reaching out to most of them … no luck

@motwanirg A little late to the thread but I was the President of the Wilton HS Robotics Team this past season (now graduated). We do have two VEX teams at the high school 548W and 548R. Might be a great idea to start a team at Middlebrook!


My guess not too late… Hopefully, your HS coach/advisor can help make the connections with the middle school leadership on this.