Vex VRC Vision Sensor used in Vex IQ

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I was wondering if Vex IQ robots could use VRC Vision Sensor(s) on their robot during official competitions. Is it allowed?


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Even though it is compatible with the VIQ system, it’s not legal in VIQC, as stated in the product page

If you look at last years Legal Parts list

Page 35 has the vision sensor. I would expect the same parts list to be valid this year.


Yes its allowed, next time please check the legal parts lists from vex robotics.


I participate in VRC but I found this in the current IQ game manual:

Hope it helps!

I also hope this helps you have two sensor that will allow you to preform the same functions the vision sensor first Identifys colors and for that I’d recommend COLOR SENSOR from the VEX IQ Electronic Page . However if you need something more complex for the students to use . I would recommend using the IQ Optical Sensor as it has most of the same functions as VRC Vision Sensor

Yes, all of these sensors identify colors, but those two do not have the same functionality as the vision sensor. The vison sensor is used for object tracking as shown in this article, whereas the optical/color sensor is used for detecting what color is directly in front of it

I would love to see an official statement on this, it seems to me like it would be a large oversight for this game of all games for the vision sensor to be banned, especially with the randomized supply zone. The vision sensor had not been used that highly in competition before, so I am questioning why now of all times to remove it. It might be an intentional game design choice to remove it so we are lost in the supply zone. But that seems to put to much importance on the randomizer to produce a level playing field. For top teams, they could find where a certain ref mixes the field in skills runs, and tune an auto just for that. Just my two cents. It could have been forgotten about also. I just hate to see one of the sensors on my first worlds bot get removed my last year.