VEX vs. VEX Community petition/discussion

As Carrollton High School team 5601 (forum name TEAM_LEGEND) is proposing 1v1 gameplays at world championship, I thought of an idea I and possibly VEX community have had for a long time. I would like to toss it out there for us to discuss.

It would be absolutely awesome if the VEX community can challenge VEX Robotics company to build two competition legal skyrise robots and then have matches against the robots crafted by game designers and part manufacturers at world championship. VEX pro had build blitz FRC robots, so why not make two for their own competition?

If well scheduled, this can be a huge hit at world championship. Some sort of qualification requirement might be established to ensure that only the true top level teams can compete against “official robots”. The “official robots” are kept hidden until prior to gameplay, which will create a reveal frenzy at world championship. The challenge matches should be held in VEX Dome, possibly after finals. The matches will be a blast, no matter who wins. If VEX wins with high standard gameplay and strategy, teams will be increasingly inspired in next year’s competition. If challenging VRC teams win, well, you can imagine it.

VRC is growing at a rapid pace, and the quality of high level robots are getting better. This would have been a boring idea a few years ago when few people were looking at VEX, but now VRC is different. Skyrise is a wonderful game that greatly elevated VRC robot quality. We see fast, efficient, tall and novel robots everywhere on Youtube. I think now would be a good time to make the challenge and see if our dedication is able to match up with the brilliance of VEX game designers.

I don’t quite expect Paul or JVN or Karthik to drive the robot, but VEX as a company should not have trouble designing and crafting top level VRC robots. So I would like to hear the opinions of VRC community. Do you think this is a good idea? How do you think this should be held? If you think that this will be a good, fun idea, maybe starting a petition here will actually make this happen.

I am getting so excited just thinking about this…

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Believe it or not, I was actually thinking about something like this a few days ago. I wasn’t considering a match between VEX and VEX Team, but that would be pretty fun, people from the VEX GDC can drive and get to play the game they created from a team’s perspective.

I was thinking that VEX staff/interns would build a robot(s), and then reveal at/after Worlds. They would use it to feature all the new parts that came out that year(high strength shafts, new wheels, etc.) and maybe even the ones released at Worlds, giving teams new ideas on how to use those parts, and it can act as a great marketing tool for VEX as well.

I want to see this happen. It would be a lot of fun to watch!

I’ve called it a “grudge match” where we would do these occasionally after the season but I think it’s a great idea.

Once you’re eliminated, the practice fields get pretty empty. Why not use them? Skills closes at some point too as fields that look open at some point.

Who would manage the betting lines and odds though? :stuck_out_tongue: